Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our House in Brussels - Many Pictures (Brussels, Belgium, 1989)

We rented this furnished house on Avenue de Gomrée in the Woluwe-St-Pierre commune for our 10 months in Brussels.

Yes, Rosie came with us. I'm not sure we'll ever fly a dog in cargo again, though.

My parents visited us, and we celebrated my father's 60th birthday on the actual day. I had a previous picture of this event, but hadn't been able to find the wonderful porcupine ice cream cake (no not made from porcupines). So here it is, along with other pictures from the party. (I think my mother took all the party pictures, thus her absence from them.) Click on the picture to get a sense of the great cake.

One of the Multiflow board members was a Jet Propulsion Lab person, and he gave me some photos from their vehicles--we gave them to my father for his birthday.

The cake arrives.

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