Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ari As Usual (Miami Beach, FL, Feb 2011)

I got a new phone today, much to my delight (and, nearly as much, to Ari's). So another excuse for him to smile, as if he needs one.

First picture, literally right out of the box:

Ari rides the Miami Metromover (Miami, FL, Feb 2011)

Ari's biggest interests seem to be trains and construction. I had been building up a ride on the Metromover, and was afraid it would disappoint, but it was great.

The Metromover is Miami treasure, not well-understood nor used by most residents. It is a small, driverless train, on rubber wheels, that goes all through Miami's central city area, usually about 30 feet up in the air. It is free, and cars--the size of typical airport interterminal train cars--come every few minutes. Unless you really study it (as I did, since I often took the train to school at MDC) the route is unfathomable, and you often see people wandering around befuddled.

Henry came with us, and we went through every stop except the school board stop (which was the one stop beyond where we got on), even the stop that's inside a building.
Henry's photo.
This is one of the old-style cars, where you could actually sit in
the front window.   (Henry's photo)
Henry's photo

Elizabeth's photo

Henry's photo

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ari at Maurice Gibb Park (Miami Beach, FL, Feb, 2011)

Ari is visiting while Dave & Allison vacation.