Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IT'S A GIRL! (Norwalk, CT, Jan 1982)

Happy (2011-1982)th Birthday Dora!!

Sunday 1/24 was Superbowl Sunday (and there was a big football game, too. SF beat Cincinnati, 26-21). Maybe that's why we had a Turkish substitute obstetrician. I looked, and he's still there 29 years later. In fact, he even looks exactly as I remember him, only 29 years older.

Dora & Elizabeth conspired to have a really fast labor, and right out of a bad sitcom I couldn't get the car up the icy slope of our driveway. Fortunately, we got a middle-of-the-night lift from the husband of Diane, Dave's and eventually Dora's child-care person. 

Note the same little card above her head.

It was a really long night.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Havanese Club of Belle Isle (Miami Beach, FL, Jan 2011)

Rainy, foggy day on BI, 3 terrific Havanese meet up.

The encounter: That's, top to bottom, Mambo, the ever-beautiful Cleo, and Mickey
The boys rough-house while Cleo looks on

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ari and Elizabeth (Miami Beach, FL, Dec 2010)

At the playground in Maurice Gibb Park.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tanya visits Dora, January 2011

This post is written by Fisher Picture guest blogger, Dora.

The Fishers have a large, close extended family. I feel so lucky to know and be close with so many of us- Fishers, Cohens, Weinbergers, Fong-Cohens, Luxenburgs, now even some Amiras (venturing into 3rd cousin territory)!

This weekend, second cousin Tanya came to visit me in Chicago. Many of my friends say to me, "what does it mean to be second cousins?". So let this post explain how we are related.

We share great grandparents, Mollie and Isaac Cohen.

Our grandmothers are sisters, Rae Luxenburg and Sue Fisher, both pictured here on the left in this whimsical picture (on the right is Marci, Tanya's aunt and my dad's first cousin)

Our fathers are first cousins, Josh and Verne.

Verne with his aunt, my grandmother, Sue, in 1996.

I'm pictured here with Tanya's grandmother, my great aunt Rae, at my grandparents 50th anniversary 15 years ago:

Tanya, with her mother Susie and grandmother Rae (my great aunt), as a baby:

All this makes us second cousins!

Photo taken 5 minutes ago at a cafe in Chicago:

So fun to have you here, Tanya, and may our families continue to be close for generations to come.