Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Mutz Family (Lincoln, NE, unknown date, probably late 1930s)

This picture fills in three important family members who I haven't had pictures of before: Elizabeth's maternal grandparents, and her uncle Ster. Now, finally, photos here have shown all of Elizabeth's and my 8 grandparents, and all 14 of our aunts and uncles. Shown below are Sterling Mutz and his wife Jessie Clarke Mutz in the front, and their daughter Jessica and son Ster in the back.

I never met either Sterling or Jessie Mutz, both had died before I met Elizabeth (and Elizabeth never met her grandmother). I did meet briefly Sterling's second wife, "Grammy Ginn". Ster we both knew well. He was an engineer with Cushman, the golf cart company, and I remember his helping me reconnect a lifter rod in the engine of our second car; we used baling wire. Amazingly, that engine repair held for the long remaining life of that car. Ster died young. He was a volunteer fireman, and was killed in a head-on collision, rushing to a fire. The person whose house burned down was racing out to get help, passed on a hill, and collided with Ster. Ster was married to Aunt Mary, who died two years ago.

Besides capturing all the missing family members, I really love this as a photo. Something about the composition, the poses and the way it is such a period piece strike me. I recommend clicking on it, and then clicking on the photo that comes up in the browser, to see the full version. The painting over the fireplace is of Jessica. It was done by a noted local artist, and she had that painting until she died.

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