Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mary Mutz (Mostly Lincoln, NE, Various Dates)

On Saturday we received the sad news of the death of Elizabeth's Aunt Mary. Mary was married to Elizabeth's mother's brother, Ster. We stayed with them a few times on our trips to Nebraska in the 1970s. Mary was a delight, and we loved her company. (Ster, who was an engineer for Cushman, the big golf cart company, died tragically in 1972. He was a volunteer fireman, and was speeding down a 2-lane to go to a fire. The person whose house was on fire was speeding the other way to get help and passed on a hill, crashed into Ster, and killed him.)

Here's Mary doing one of her most favorite things:

Mary and Stir's house in Lincoln, probably from the 1960s:

We've gotten to know Mary & Stir's daughter Suzy and her husband Jerry some over the years. Here are Dora and Jerry, probably in Jessica's pool.

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