Sunday, April 5, 2009

Three Pictures from Betti Joy's Wedding (Somewhere in NJ, probably late 1970s)

It's Sunday, so family event picture. I like this picture because back and center is Larry, my mother's nephew at my father's niece's wedding, as was typical then (the two large families were very close). Seated left to right: me, Elizabeth (just a sleeper, but we were sometimes pretty tired at my cousins' weddings--with 19 first cousins, there were many--because we brought our kid(s)), Mike (Moose, Betsy's ex-husband), Betsy (Cousin #2/Sam's #1.5), unknown. Standing: Larry (Cousin #3/Betty's #1), Judy (Larry's wife), unknown couple. Betti, whose wedding it was and is pictured below, is Annie's first daughter. Now I've got pix of 5 of my 19 first cousins in this collection.

Front: Willa, Annie, my grandmother Rose Fisher, Lisa, I'm pretty sure that's Lisa, anyway, she sure looks like Annie (Cousin #4/Annie's #2). Back: unknown, Annie's husband Stretch (Irving), Betti (Cousin #5/Annie's #1), Joe (Betti's husband), Sam, my father.

Front: my mother, Willa, Rose, unknown couple. Back: my father, Annie, Sam, Sue, Stretch.

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