Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snowsuits (Port Washington and Bronx, NY, about 1950 and 1954)

We were showing pictures to Uncle Sam (no, not THAT Uncle Sam) last night, getting him to identify people from his and his parents' generations. Elizabeth saw the picture of me, below, and said, "Hey, there's a picture of me in there wearing that same snowsuit." I dug it out. The two are really close, but not quite the same. Since we are exactly the same age, I guess this isn't that surprising. I believe that's Elizabeth's family's second house in Port Washington, on Richards Road, the one she mostly grew up in. For me, that's 1766 Washington Ave, my grandparents' Fisher's apartment. The Chinese laundry downstairs is the give-away. The fire escape above the laundry will appear in a bunch of pictures to come; it was pretty much treated as the balcony.

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