Tuesday, April 28, 2009

University Avenue (Bronx, NY, 1972-76)

We lived in an apartment on University Ave. in the Bronx from January 1972 through the Fall of 1976, when we bought our first house (in Teaneck, NJ, where my Aunt Betty & Uncle George and friend Mel Hausner also lived). Those were pretty important years for both of us: Elizabeth started working at the Equitable, and I went from my years of "finding myself" (as Betty says) to being a computer science graduate student.

We shared an office in the second bedroom, where Elizabeth painted and I had my desk/workshop:

Elizabeth in the kitchen:

Our dining room table. Yes, our cats were allowed on it (probably couldn't have stopped it, anyway), to the chagrin of many. That's Calico, our main cat. We had a total of five over time (Kitchen, Calico, Sarah, Rosemary and Rosemary's sister, Lemon). Kitchen died before we accreted the other 4. That's Elizabeth's artwork all over the place, including her great Boy's Club basketball poster.

Me in the kitchen. Note the executive chef looking over my shoulder.

In the livingroom. That's Lemon on my lap. Lemon had like a 3 IQ, in human terms. That is, she was truly dumb, and could never figure out anything, like how to get out of the way of opening doors so that her foot didn't get stuck in it. But very affectionate.

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