Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brothers and Brothers-in-Law (Bronx and Queens, NY, Jan 1954 and Oct 2008)

When I saw this picture in our scanned collection, I was immediately reminded of the picture below. The one above goes with my post about Betty and Annie and my parents' two families; it is from Betty and George's wedding. L-to-R are George, the groom; Bud, Betty's older brother; my father, B&G's brother-in-law; and Stretch, Betty's best friend's just-married husband, now her brother-in-law, sort of. Since Betty lived with us for several years, until not long before she was married, she was close to all four of these men.

From Dora and Norman's wedding, L-to-R, Norman; his older brother Steve; Dave; and Norman's younger brother Ryan. (Another picture stolen from Dora without permission.)

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