Friday, April 10, 2009

Italian Earthquake Hits Home (L'Aquila, Italy, Jul 2005 and Apr 2009)


This week's horrible earthquake in L'Aquila hit home for us: we had spent a very pleasant week there during the summer of 2005, while I taught a course at a summer "expert's" school. We stayed in the city itself, where the earthquake was so devastating. Here's a picture a Romanian professor took of himself, with Yale Patt and me from the school campus, with l'Aquila in the background. Below are two pictures we took of the town, along with a letter to the school community saying how to help (Paolo passed this on; he has taken my "position" on the faculty there).

Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 11:46 AM
Subject: L'Aquila

Dear all,

I just called the TILS headquarters in Rome to learn more about the summer school premises.

The good news is that the complex seems to be completely undamaged and fully operational.

At this very moment, the authorities have claimed the complete school as coordination center for their operations (this is a standard procedure, I know that the school was built to serve as coordination center in case of emergency). The assumption is that they will stay for one month.

At this moment, they could not tell me whether they will be able to host the summer school or not. All current courses are suspended, and only when they restart their operation they will be able to tell us how they are going to schedule all their activities in the summer. I am hopeful however that we will be able to organize the summer school as planned. It will also generate extra income for the region which was extremely hit by this earthquake.

Some people asked me how they can help. I plan to send out a mail to all HiPEAC members the website of the Italian Red Cross where people can donate money to support the operation of the red cross in L'Aquila.

Best regards,

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